Is there a way to disable a certain input in certain areas of a level?

Like being able to disable the “P” input that pauses the game . Just in certain areas though , like a volume would do? Like with an overlap and box collision so it could be a separate blueprint I could set in the level. Its not too hard to disable all input in the collision box with the “disable input” node, but just a certain one is different. Tried something like this but no work.

The bool needs to be on the player blueprint and then you can set the bool in your overlapping volume actor blueprint (you can reference the bool with the cast node you already have here).

I added the bool to the character bp. Tried several different setups , notta work , What am I doing wrong. can-recieve-input.png

none work.

The first image is closer to what you need. The next thing is to add a branch to the player blueprint’s P input execution line and check the boolean there instead of here. You don’t need the disable input node; the branch and boolean should be enough.

you mean the very first image (original post)? if I put the branch and Boolean in the player bp P line, will it still work with this overlap box blueprint so I can set it in certain areas of levels? thanks

when I put the branch and Boolean in the player bp pause input. then pause just doesn’t work anywhere at all.

Ok I got it man , thanks for your help.