Is there a way to detect when an FAnimNotifyEvent is dragged in the animation editor?

I’m currently creating custom AnimNotifies and would like to set flags on them if they are changed from being dragged in the animation editor. I’ve found an OnDragged function in SAnimNotifyPanel.cpp that sets the event’s TriggerTimeOffset directly, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to detect when this happens. I also know of PostEditChangeProperty for the AnimNotify itself, but this only seems to detect changes if they are made in the Details panel. Is there a way to know if the AnimNotify was changed by the AnimNotifyPanel as well?


For anyone in the future that runs into this problem, UAnimSequence has an OnNotifyChanged delegate you can bind to that will get called when an FAnimNotifyEvent is dragged! Using it looks like this:

MyAnimSequence->RegisterOnNotifyChanged(UAnimSequenceBase::FOnNotifyChanged::CreateUObject(this, &UMyClass::OnAnimNotifyEventDragged));