Is there a way to customize the Kill Z behavior to have it's damage registered by 'EventAnyDamage' events?

Hi, I’m using ‘EventAnyDamage’ within my character blueprint to register any damage and make necessary changes like saving backups, before the actor is destroyed. It’s working as intended in all cases, except when the player is destroyed by Kill Z damage.

In this case, ‘EventAnyDamage’ doesn’t register anything and the first debug point that I can find is ‘EventEndPlay’. I’ve tried using new Damage Type blueprints, but so far haven’t found a way to register this damage within the character using only Blueprints. It can be done partially through other ways by checking in the ‘Event Tick’ of bots, but I’d prefer not to do it that way unless as a last resort because it won’t cover the chance of some random actor falling through the world endlessly. And I really need to do this in blueprints, because this is for my blueprint toolkit in the Marketplace. Any ideas on how to work around this issue?

i ended up creating a custom blueprint actor with a box collision component, that overlaps with all object types. Everytime an actor overlaps, it check if it’s a pawn. If pawn, then apply damage and let the pawn take care of the rest. Else if it’s a different type of actor, just destroy it.