Is there a way to create something similar to the townscaper in Unreal?

You are looking for “procedural mesh generation”. There are many resources online to show how to build rooms, roads, or even buildings. Solution with only UE tools or in combination with other DCC tools.

You will find more resources for tools inside the Editor:

  • populating mesh along spline
  • customizable blueprints
  • or scripting the new geometric/modeling tool

If you need a runtime use, I believe you will not be able to rely much on the tools mentionned earlier and a lot more custom code will be involved. In that case you will want to look at resources on loading models or creating custom meshes at runtime.

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Thanks a lot!! Yes, I need to procedurally generate a map with those elements and changing the map in runtime, so I might need custom code? Do you know any tutorials about this?