Is there a way to create a Sound Base Array in a an Anim Notify?

I am on UE 5.0.3 and trying to make an array of sound bases to create some randomization in an Animation Notify blueprint, I don’t have an option to create an array of Sound Bases. Is there another class I can use to reference sounds and metasounds in the same array?

I know I could make a metasound with an array of waves, but I can’t get metasounds to play in the animation preview timeline without having to play the game when using inputs, which is pretty uncomfortable to work with.

Nevermind. Checked with actors and other classes and noticed that the issue was actually that the selector for arrays, maps and sets disappeared. First time it happened to me.
Rebooting UE fixed it.
It’s UE 5.0.3 on Windows 10 in case anybody else has the same issue