Is there a way to create a mesh from a brush?

Specifically I’d like to use brushes in creation of content that I want to pull into blueprint classes, but when I select them and press button to replace with a blueprint class brushes just vanish from level and don’t come across into blueprint class.

Hey vampatori,

You can create a Static Mesh from a Brush in Details panel. With your Brush selected, go to Details > Brush Settings, and expand little arrow at bottom. In expanded Brush Settings panel there is a Create Static Mesh button.

You can then create a Blueprint from your new Mesh or create a new Blueprint and use Mesh as its component. When you made a Blueprint from Brush, it wasn’t creating a Mesh first, so that’s why it disappeared in Viewport.

Hope that helps!

#Convert to Static Mesh Button

Dear Vampoori,

rather than replacing with a blueprint,

look toward top of F4 properties window for an option to convert to static mesh.

It is a button all of its own :slight_smile:

Ahh, I didn’t see those expansion buttons on those panels… there’s all sorts of extra things in there!


Yeah same here. For others, it’s Down Arrow underneath “Tessellated” that opens advanced panel and exposes extra options.