Is there a way to create a blueprint and get a reference to it without spawning it?

This is probably a suggestion unless I just missed something, but I think it would be useful to implement 2 things.

  1. Be able to create a blueprint from a class like the spawn actor from class function, but not actually have to spawn it in the world. Basically data classes.

and 2) Be able to declare data blueprints that would be similar to structs. There could be many uses for having a blueprint that holds certain types of data.

If this functionality exists I’d like to know about it.

Also i’m talking about doing this straight through blueprint without having to make C++ structs and classes to achieve these goals

Blueprint can go beyond it’s object management system (aka UObject) so you can’t make initiation-less classes

You could make a class to keep your data, initiate it to some class generally available (like AGameMode? depends what that data is)