Is there a way to convert Geometry Collection into Static Meshes during simulation?

During the development of my game I found myself on the verge of having to develop a junkyard and I thought about using the chaos destruction plugin, to speed up the process, too bad you can’t save the simulated physical composition as a static mesh. Obviously I’m no Unreal expert and maybe there is a better way to do it, although it would be great to be able to save the objects as they are arranged according to the physics simulation, I look forward to your opinions.

Here’s the video explaining what i mean: WHY THEY REMOVED THE "CONVERT TO STATIC MESH" FEATURE IN UE5.1 ? - YouTube

All a geometry collection is, is an object made up of smaller objects.
You can actually hack this into place, but your best bet is to import your own custom fractured model as a static mesh.
After simulating you can then save the positions from the simulation. Leading to the same end result.

For good measure, when the simulation is done and you are happy, use actor merge to join up all the parts into a single mesh - you know because performance is a thing…

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yes that is a pretty good way to handle that issue, so if i understood correctly, i take my static mesh → destroy it → save each piece as individual static mesh → place the pieces in the map → start the simulation → save the position of the pieces → merge them into one single static mesh for performance.
Quite right? if that works, it may be the best solution available, of course with my blueprint that would have been 10 times faster and randomly more accurate, the thing that bothers me is that in the ver. 4.6, Unreal was able to let you save the geometry collection instanced during simulation as a static mesh…i don’t undestand why is not working anymore. BTW thanks for the answer!

Are you sure it was the chaos version and not some Apex Destruction build of some sort?

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yeah i’m not sure about that, i was referring to this particular video i’ve found on YT: Convert Destructible To Static Mesh - YouTube

For now i’m sticking with the solution you gave me early, since is working quite well, even tho it requires a little more work on SM, but at least is workink in the way i meant! thanks btw!

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