Is there a way to convert blueprints to code in UE5?

Why was Blueprint Nativization removed?
My goal is quite unusual, I need code to apply for some kind of “copyright”. This cannot be solved by submitting screenshots of some blueprints. :sweat_smile:

Nativization was removed because it was buggy, the performance gains were negligible, and just overall wasn’t very good.

What are you trying to do with copyright?
Code is counted as a literary work in the view of copyright law- I’d assume it’d be a similar case for blueprint.
You don’t need to register a creative work for it to be copyrighted.

Thank you for your answer, but I guess it might be because different countries have different policies. :rofl: I am still searching for Plan B.

Hey there @Haikui! Welcome back to the community! How stringent are the requirements to be code here, does it just need to be in a text format? As you can get blueprints in a copy text state without nativization but it’s use in a copyright scenario is likely not useful or even really legible. Is the use case just because it’s a requirement or are you intending to need to use it?

It just needs to appear usable. I guess its main purpose is to describe the implementation approach of the program’s functionality. No one will actually run this piece of code.

In fact, I have noticed the emergence of a new profession recently, specifically focused on manually translating “visual programming programs” into “code.” Developers can then submit this translated “code” for approval.