Is there a way to convert a project to Unity?

animations, materials, meshes…etc.

In a nutshell, no :wink:

Sorry, you’ve got your work cut out there I think.

You can export geometry materials and some animation through FBX, glTF or USD formats.
But those will not carry all of the parameters you have on materials or meshes.
Also impossible to export behavioural stuff like blueprints.

Studios do change engines from time to time, but it usually involves a lot of work and lots of custom pipelines.

If the project is small enough it might be better to just start from scratch. UE and Unity are fairly different.

If you still find that you need to port things over, you could look into automating exports from UE using Python. I believe (somebody correct me if I’m wrong) Unity does not have a de facto workflow automation framework, so you way have to look into 3rd party solutions for the import side of the pipeline.

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Using my plugin Exporter for Unreal to Unity 2023 | Integration | Unity Asset Store You can export entire levels to unity including static meshes with LODs, collision shapes, actor placement, decals, spline meshes, skinned meshes with animations, terrain, materials & textures.

I am looking for something like this too, and have found these plugins for UE5. Not sure if it helps you, but let me know if anyone has used any of these.

Hi David, Let me know if you found a solution. I just posted something if you are still looking for an answer.

Hi NishD. Share your solituon please.