Is there a way to convert a mesh into a terrain?

Hi everyone, I’ve created a model in sketchup using the Geolocalization to crean a real world space. I have exported this into unreal as an fbx. Is there a way to make this model an unreal terrain so that I can paint in it?

Hi Sn4ke66,

It’s not possible for any static meshes to be converted into a Landscape terrain.

One possibility, if you need to use real world height information, is to use raw height data from satellite scans. There are programs out there, none that I can think of off-hand, that can convert that data into information that can be used with a program like World Machine. Once exported from WM it can be imported as a tiled landscape into UE4 with all the normal functionality of being editable. It’s an alternative, but not without a lot of work on the front-end to get it into UE4.

I hope this helps.


Quick and dirty way is to use fog in Sketchup to convert your model into a height map. Adjust the color and intensity of the fog and take a screenshot from overhead. You can also take the model into C4d and apply a gradient texture then render it out from an overhead camera. Tutorial on YouTube. The more you tweak it, the better it will get. You will lose overhangs, but sculpt them using UE4 landscape tools.