Is there a way to convert a BP Project to C++ Project ?

Is there a way to convert a BP Project to C++ Project ?

Edit : Sorry, should of checked first :expressionless:

***OMG Just have to use “File -> Add code to project, make a new class” and walla, a new *.sln file to compile lol XD

Yeah, as far as my experience goes, you only need to add the folder structure of your module (Source/[module]/private and Source/[Module]/public) and add code from menu, to convert. You don’t even need to create the folders, unless you want the standard folder structure.
Remember, though, that the folder structure serves purposes beyond project structure. It also decides which classes to make available to other game modules, etc, and you won’t necessarily find your classes in-editor if you use the wrong folder structure…

I see, thanks for the info !

An even easier solution is to find the .uproject file and right click -> convert to c++ project

Where do you see this?

Just right click on the .uproject file.

From the same Wiki link from OP:

I don’t think that would work with a content only project, you need to add code first

You should be able to click in the File menu of the editor and select “Add Code to Project…”.


This worked in the 4.4 era, but didn’t work last I tried in 4.5.1. I don’t have any content-only projects to test with right now, but adding code to a BP project didn’t change anything for me last time. It didn’t even load the code I wrote. I had to start a new C++ project and copy over the content folder.

Sounds like a bug, it works fine for me in 4.6

Very well could be! I’ll have to give it another try sometime by just creating a new project. It also could have been just that specific project on which I was working that didn’t want to convert for whatever reason.