Is there a way to conform spline to landscape surface?

Hi, I’m trying to generate roads onto the surface of a landscape. So far, I’m using spline mesh components as the roads and I’m able to align spline points to the surface of the landscape. The problem I am having is, for surfaces that are not flat, even though the spline points are on the surface, the sides of the spline meshes at the spline points can either be under the surface of the landscape or floating above the surface.
Is there a way to make the spline meshes conform to the landscape? If not, is there anything other than spline/spline mesh that I can use to generate paths that conform to the landscape?

The spline component is supposed to conform to the landscape as long as its right on it and vice versa the terrain will lower and raise around the spline but it doesn’t show up in editor, run in simulate mode to inspect your road to see where you need make adjustments.


The spline component and associated Spline Mesh Components, will not conform to the “landscape”, for that you will need to be using a Landscape Spline. As I have not worked with the Landscape spline that much, I really cannot speak to it. But the standard Spline component will not conform.

It seems that you were referring to landscape spline instead of spline. I have yet to try landscape spline because the api documentation for it seems to be empty. Would you perhaps know if it is possible to create a procedural landscape spline?

You probably figured out by now, but if not the Landscape Spline tool would be a possible way.