Is there a way to check the Collision Presets of Environmental Objects via Blueprints?

Hey everyone, I’m a student trying to make a game on the Unreal Engine.

I currently have an NPC in my game and he’s supposed to move in a straight line. In addition to that, I want him to turn around when he hits a StaticMeshActor that has a collision preset I made called ‘Environment’. However, I’m unable to find a way to check Collision Presets via Blueprints, so is there a way I can go about it, or do I have to find a workaround?

To be more transparent, my NPC has to turn around when he collides with a wall. The wall is a StaticMeshActor. I’d really appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks a lot for reading.

Hi Soul, I don’t think there is a single node to get the collision presets. But you can get info about everything that comprises the presets as separate function calls.

If you just want to check what object type the other actor is, you can use the Get Collision Object Type function (on its static mesh component in the wall scenario). If you want the response to a specific collision channel, then Get Collision Response to Channel node should do the trick.