Is there a way to change the Unreal Engine install location?

I had UE4.11 and once 4.12 came out, It said I could install 4.12 to where I installed UE4.11 beforehand, my Local Disk C:, but when I tried to install it, it said my disk space was not large enough to download the files, which I understand, cause it was true. So I need to know how to change install location from my Local Disk to my 2TB hard drive. Where do I go for that? I haven’t been able to play my game for the past 3 days because of this. I’ve tried looking to find where I can choose a spot, but nothing’s coming up for me. If anybody can help, I would really appreciate it.

It’ll install literally gigabytes of **** onto your C:/ drive whether you like it or not. Unreal has put about 30GB of data into my Local/AppData folder, which is pretty freaking awful since the drive with my OS on it is a fast 80GB SSD intended only for the operating system. I had to use WinDirStat to find out where all my damned space had been going.

Thank you so much!

I’m doing the same right now, using WinDirStat and saw the mess in AppData, it ■■■■■■ eats all the space on my C drive… and wanted to find how to move to another location… ■■■■