Is there a way to change the Unreal Engine install location?

I had UE4.11 and once 4.12 came out, It said I could install 4.12 to where I installed UE4.11 beforehand, my Local Disk C:, but when I tried to install it, it said my disk space was not large enough to download the files, which I understand, cause it was true. So I need to know how to change install location from my Local Disk to my 2TB hard drive. Where do I go for that? I haven’t been able to play my game for the past 3 days because of this. I’ve tried looking to find where I can choose a spot, but nothing’s coming up for me. If anybody can help, I would really appreciate it.

Welcome! It seems to be a bit tricky, have a read here

Anyone ever tried this with the installer…? (Edit: see Zarkopafilis post)

It’ll install literally gigabytes of **** onto your C:/ drive whether you like it or not. Unreal has put about 30GB of data into my Local/AppData folder, which is pretty freaking awful since the drive with my OS on it is a fast 80GB SSD intended only for the operating system. I had to use WinDirStat to find out where all my damned space had been going.

Definitely true. Here’s some folder locations that were eating up space on me.
@KingPanncake try a purge there or use WinDirStat as Ambershee mentioned…

@franktech Thank you so much!

I’m doing the same right now, using WinDirStat and saw the mess in AppData, it ■■■■■■ eats all the space on my C drive… and wanted to find how to move to another location… ■■■■