Is there a way to change the sensitivity of the Maya controls?

I find the Maya style controls extremely sensitive in UE4, is there a way to turn down the sensitivity?

Hi malcolm341,

In the top-right of the perspective viewport you can change the camera speed, which effects the Maya-style and the ASWD controls.

Thanks, TJ


I just tried changing that and it does not have any affect on Maya controls, it does affect the FPS controls though. Specifically I am holding alt and using MMB to track the camera around and it is too sensitive.

I’m sorry, I thought you were asking about the controls linked to the Left, Right and Middle Mouse Buttons. To effect the controls while holding down Alt you will need to go to Edit > Editor Preferences > Viewport and change the Mouse Sensitivity.

Hope that helps.

I just tried this, it only affects camera rotation which I think is a bug. Alt + LMB becomes less sensitive, but Alt + MMB still too sensitive.

Hello Malcolm341,

The mouse sensitivity option is working as intended as it changes the camera rotation. That said, there is no option to control the camera speed while using the Maya controls for panning or trucking. I have created a feature request for an option to change the camera speed while using the Maya controls. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


I know this post is insanely old, but if malcom or anyone cares to know. in maya you can change any aspect of camera movement by going to view, near a viewport → Camera Tools, and click the box next to each item like Zoom, Dolly etc. mess with the settings, if something seems all wonky just reset the tool.