Is there a way to change the interface size?

Changing colors is nice, but having to open the Widget Reflector everytime I launch the Editor is kind of painful.
I had hoped this would be a new feature with UE5. If I missed it, thanks for pointing me to it, using a 5120x1440 monitor with 60 old eyes is quite challenging :crazy_face:


The only way that I know is:

  • Raise the “Scale and Layout” on Windows - Settings - Display.
  • Check Enable High DPI Support on UE - Edit -Editor Settings - Appearance.

For example, 4K monitor looking like 864p:


Using Windows scale and layout comes with its own problems.
I can change my font size in iClone, CC3 or Marvelous Designer, that must not be impossible to do for the world’s leading CGI software methinks.
It has been asked for quite a long time if I’m not mistaken.

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Indeed, unfortunately font size is hard coded. I was having trouble with UE5 UI font size too and today I took some time to find how to fix it.

Needs UE source code, changes at:
Engine\Source\Runtime\SlateCore\Public\Styling\StarshipCoreStyle.h , line 100
static const int32 RegularTextSize = 11;
static const int32 SmallTextSize = 9;

Engine\Source\Runtime\SlateCore\Public\Styling\StarshipCoreStyle.cpp , line 33
: Normal(FONT(11, “Regular”))
, NormalBold(FONT(11, “Bold”))
, Small(FONT(9, “Regular”))
, SmallBold(FONT(9, “Bold”))

This changes almost everything in Editor, except ContentBrowser that is hard coded somewhere else.


Thanks, if I ever have to recompile the engine I’ll keep that in mind :wink:

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In Unreal Editor press Ctrl+Shift+W
This will open “Widjet Reflector”
Now you can change value Application Scale.


THANK YOU, I have been searching almost an hour for this info, surprisingly hard to find!
Is there a way to get to that same Widget Reflector menu without using the hotkey shortcut? (Which I’m fine with using, I’m just curious how one would find it without knowing the shortcut)

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It’s in here:


I appreciate the reply, but, are you using UE4? Unfortunately I’m on 5.0.1 and that menu path does not exist. I have combed all the menus looking for an equivalent and was unable to find anything.

Would also like to note, after using this solution for a few weeks, that it is a bit frustrating that the widget scale reverts to default every time the editor is restarted. Would love to know if there’s a way to permanently override the default, perhaps by manually editing an .ini somewhere?

In 5.x version they put it under here (screenshot). Unfortunately, I’ve been looking for permanent solution as well - and today we have ONLY two choices: either custom built Editor (meaning editing C++ code of the editor and recompile the beast) OR - what I do EVERY time, like a mantra - after Editor is initialized, quick tap on CTRL+Shift+W, and I am changing the scale.

It’s tedious and crazy - but that’s how it is for now…


Thy very much!

Thank you for this

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I recently made a simple UE4/UE5 plugin just for that!

Unlike Widget Reflector, the plugin saves the desired UI scale between sessions.

Bought it for 5.69€, money well spent.

This should be part of the engine though.