Is there a way to Bake/Cache Particle Data in UE4, so that each time I render a sequencer animation that the particles are in the exact same location each time?

Does anyone know of a way to Cache/Bake UE4 particle Data so that it plays back exactly the same time every time?

I need this for multiple reasons. Most pressing at the moment is that I am rendering out Stereo cameras to file, and I don’t want to have to capture both cameras to render targets and film those with a single camera (which not only has some limitations, but is also just extra work, and does not solve all my use cases for this need). However I also do a lot of multi-pass rendering and compositing (using other renderers), and this is one of the things that would be usefully to have in UE4 to that end. So if for example I wanted to create a depth channel that included particle data, and still output a color pass, and a matte pass, I would need this functionality.

Or at the very least load cached particle data from external sources like Maya or Houdini etc.


I am also looking for such solution. I want to be able to bake/cache the particle data so that they are always looking the same, like same location and rotation etc.

I have just found a way. By using Seed and setting a seed value, you can ensure that the random location is always the same. You can refer to the link below.

Any news about that? That´s something very important I wanted to know how to do, too.

need to use niagara

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