Is there a way to avoid building the engine every new project on Linux

Is there a way to avoid building the engine every new project on Linux?

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You can use what is called an “installed build” which is essentially the same as is provided for Windows on the Epic Game Store. That pre-compiles the engine and prevents the engine from rebuilding.

It looks as though the docs are currently down at the moment, so you may need to work out the process manually.

If you run RunUAT with BuildGraph and then point the -script parameter to Engine/Build/InstalledEngineBuild.xml and then pick the parameters from. You should be able to search around for how to use BuildGraph.

Install build aside, ideally the engine should not recompiled unless you have changed build types (e.g. Debug to Development) or changed a project setting that will alter the compile flags. One issue that can cause that to occur is if the file creation times are in the future (e.g. the computer’s clock was set back). If that is not the case and you can find a valid repo case please submit a bug report or create a pull request on github with a fix.

You may submit bug reports here:

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Would these work for “Linux”? On the page linked it says:

Run the Installed Build Script by invoking the AutomationTool with the following command line, replacing [PLATFORM] with either Win64 or Mac.