Is there a way to average normals on static meshes?

Surely there must be… right?

Anyway, I feel like I’m missing something really obvious, so help would be greatly appreciated. I searched the tools rather thoroughly for anything remotely similar and found nothing. Couldn’t find anything with Google either.

Could you explain what effect you’re trying to achieve?

UE’s not a full-fledged modeling application, so it is advisable to get the normals right in the 3D application you’re using. What you do get is the option to re-calculate the normals during the import. You can also do that in the mesh editor (double-click a static mesh and check for “Recompute Normals” in the details panel).

Is this what you need?


My question is more in reference to static meshes created directly from BSP brushes (sorry, should have specified). I suppose I could export it into Blender and reimport it, but that seems kind of unintuitive. Also, I do have “Recompute Normals” enabled on the mesh in question.

I want meshes of shapes like spheres/cylinders/etc. created with BSP brushes to appear more rounded and have less obvious faces.

Something like this:

Apologies for the late reply.

Hmm, I’m not sure if you can do much more with the normals in the editor…

By the way, what you describe (getting a more rounded appearance) is not really a normals problem, it’s either a smoothing groups thing or you just need more subdivisions. Just increase the tesseletion in the brush settings (to 4 for example). Then convert to a static mesh. That should give you a more rounded sphere.