Is there a way to automatically generate an A pose or T pose for a skeleton?

I have about 50 animations, the problem is they all have extra bones (sort of like the paragon characters). Even though their skeleton hierarchy is the same, for some reason every one of them the root bone was renamed from root to the name of the animation so I cant actually apply them to a skeleton, they all import as comepletely different skeletons. Id like to just import them all, retarget the animations i need and then delete the extra skeletons, the issue is, none of them import with an A pose or T Pose like most animations do, they use the first frame of the animation as the pose so I cant retarget any of them. Is there any way to make Unreal automatically generate an A pose or T pose for their skeletons? I have 0 experience with 3d modeling and dont have maya or anything like that so i cant use an external tool, has to be done in unreal. Im hoping theres a button or feature im missing? Or mayber a plugin that can do this for me?

You cannot generate an A or T pose automatically, unreal uses the skeleton pose to retarget and not an animation pose, if the skeleton is in A or T pose it will retarget the animations linked to that skeleton, you have to put the skeleton in an A or T pose
Link may help: