is there a way to auto reimport modified textures ?

As the title says. Meshes are updated automatically, but textures have to be reimported. Every. Single. Time.
In editor preferencies, there is setting to ‘Monitor content directories’ but it has no effect even when i input folders and wildcards to match my textures. Am I doing something wrong? please help.

It is buggy, especially the mesh importing - which my conclusion is that it’s just broken in my case, after two hours of trying and answer searching.
It’s listed as a feature in here:

But then I’ve found only a hand full of posts about it not working.

If you import a mesh using the import button and it brings in the texture, and then update your source .psd texture, it will not work. But if you then hit import and select your texture, it should then auto reimport when you change your source psd.

It’s the mesh auto import not working that’s most irritating - and from the lack of posts about it makes me think it’s just my computer, but I doubt it. :frowning: