Is there a way to attach a thruster to a character?

I am essentially trying to create a Jetpack that can allow you to fly, I am using the third person scene to start with. So far I only figured out that I can use the launch character blueprint to get a similar effect to what I want, the only problem is that the character just “jumps” and does not maintain velocity. If there was some way to use a thruster it would work much better for what I want, but I am having trouble trying to figure out where to attach one on the character, and how to control the thrust output with blueprints.

No. At least not that I have been able to get working. Use the Launch Character function but use a Event Tick to give it continuous thrust when you detect the “fly” button is down. Make a bool Var that is true when the button is pressed and false when the button is released. Then use that Var and Event Tick to trigger the Launch Character. What you will get is ‘hold button to keep flying, stop pressing button to stop flying’. I have a 50 part script to do this and let me control direction, however I can replicate 'Tribes" like flying. I am totally new to Unreal and well any kind of coding so this is my unprofessional assistance :slight_smile:

Not sure if this would help for your situation but there’s an example of a rocket with a thruster in the example content, in the ‘Physics’ map.

Yes, I made my character launch left by pressing the inputAction A, and S for right. I did so by using "Get Actor Rotation ----> “Get Right Vector” ----> 2(Scales Vector A by B) putting the values in the B Float. to use launch for up and down simply add a “Get Up Vector” instead. If you want continuous thrust then i suggest changing the event or add a tick event so when a button is pressed it keeps ticking for the launch that you specefied.