Is there a way to apply mesh through my custom variable at editor?

changing mesh and material each of them will be my hard work
so I’ve created blueprint class for putting a mesh on my map.

but problem is a mesh and material won’t apply on editor through my custom variable in blueprint that I have set up

Can you show inside the BP? ( you need to do it in the construction script… )

The way I made is event beginplay but I want it to apply on editor through my created variables.


Begin Play only fires when you start playing a game. If you want to see it in editor, you need to put that logic inside the Construction Script of the actor. The Construction Script is run every time the editor “builds” the object; i.e. whenever the level is loaded, when the object is placed in that level, when it’s moved around in that level, etc. When playing a game, all Construction Scripts are run before the first Begin Play is ever fired, as a part of the process of loading the level itself.