Is there a way to apply a cloth simulation to bones for export to Unreal 4?

Hi guys

I’ve got some great looking material working in unreal 4 using the Nvidia Apex plugin. Basically, I’ve got a huge flag that dapples in the wind and it looks great in game. Unfortunately I’m not able to create a substitute that looks very good using just bones in 3DS Max/ Maya. I know I won’t get anything looking as good as the Apex data provides but I was wondering if its possible to apply some sort of cloth simulation to the bones in a rustic manner, or apply some sort of noise that slightly mimics how cloth would flow in the wind.

Thanks for any help guys,

One way to do this is to create a cloth sim in Max/Maya using their simulation tools (nCloth for Maya, not sure what Max has).

Then, you can run a little utility script that creates a joint per vert, or a joint per x verts, bakes that simulation down to the bones, and skins the mesh to the bones.

Is there maybe a similar script for 3ds max too?

I have a character mesh and two cloth objects with cloth simulation, but when i tried to join all of these into one mesh to export it loses the animations, and if i wanted to simply skin the cloth to the rig it just looks horrible. Thanks in advance!