Is there a way to Adjust the 'Add Landscape' size?

To start with some background, Over the course of time playing DnD I built a world using Graph paper. I started by Drawing the world map and each square on on the map represents a section of the map. I then determined that I would need to break this down further and found that due to the size of the graph paper I was using (Standard with 34 rows and 44 columns that to make a square I would need 374 sheets to make a square out of the sides.


Since you need 374 sheets to make 1 cube of space.
34x44 = 1,496
I then took the 374x1,496=559,504 to determine the number of sheets needed (IF I was going to plot out the entire world. (Almost half is not needed since it is Ocean Water)
If you were following this you see I made a Cylinder world with no North or South pole. And I am still working on how I would accomplish that.

With that said, I am trying to find a way to transfer this information to UE5 but when trying to place Cities and mountain ranges Etc. I noticed that I would need to shave off approximately 2.1 - 2.2 grid size off the top and one side of the added landscape or remove about 13,002 to drop down to 50k or add another 36,998 grid spaces along the left side going top down to make it a solid 100k Grid of snap positions.

Personally, I would like to change the size of the ‘Add Landscape’ based on my own needs and not have it affect anyone else.

The 2.1-2.2 may seem small but when I add multiple landscapes in a straight path this really adds up and it is throwing my measurements.

In trying to keep the landscape math correct, I found that the length of a landscape is 63,002.??? grid positions in size.

I verified that for every 30k Grid positions expected 1 extra grid position is added. The problem for me is really just that the landscape is adding Partial Grid space and when looking at my locations from top view near the 0,0,0 point everything looks fine for the most part, but soon as I am on the other side of the ‘world’ everything looks off and that I messed up my grid lines. That’s what set me off on finding this to see why my map wasn’t lining up as expected.