Is there a way of modeling a very own Character?


I’m planning to do my own third person shooter but the problem is I don’t know anything about how to create a game.
So I was planning to start of easy with recreating a small part of a very old game that I really liked playing in my childhood.

The game is called ‘Fur Fighters: Viggos Revenge’. I was thinking to start of with the character model and I choose Tweek for it.

The problem is. I can’t find a Character creator in the UE4 neither a Character creator that allows you to model own things instead of a only human base. (Note: In my own planned third person shooter, there are no humans so it is very immportant for me to find a good Character Creator that allows you to go wild with your fantasies.)
Can anyone recomand me any Character Creator?

3ds Max is paid and if you are student or young programmer who is no able to buy than you should check out BLENDER, it is free and is little difficult learn but it is good

I think you have to model it, depending on your modeling skills, I’d recommend you 3ds Max if you are not very skilled. Then you should animate it and import to unreal, it is a challenging task.