Is there a way of making elements that only exist in the widget editor but not in game?

So I am looking to Improve my UI prototyping workflow. It would be very handy if I could populate dynamically loaded lists (Vertical box, Scroll Box etc) with temporary elements that only exist during the widget editing process so I can see how a populated list will behave.

I have tried toggling the “IsEnabled” to false in Behaviour but I believe that still creates the widgets in game and therefore messes up my list queries and manipulation.

Pre-Construct does exactly that:

It seems like a missed opportunity not having a checkbox to enable/disable the element and its children from being created in game though.

That does look interesting, Ill give both a try.

Wouldn’t this run for both the game and editor window? surely this will have the same result as just adding elements in the widget editor wont it? As in, I will then see the same setup in game and in the editor.

Edit: Ah I see it has a design time pin now. Thank you!

Depending on what you’re fiddling with, there’s also this snazzy feature:

While I use Pre_Construct rather consistently, never found much use for the above panel.