Is there a way in the engine to better represent vertically positioned sounds?

Hello, I’m a sound designer working on developing a 3D multiplayer game using UE4.27.2.

I’m using Fmod as the sound middleware and not using any additional features.

The issue I’m encountering is that in the game, sounds on the same floor are spatially represented accurately, but when they are on different floors, vertically positioned sounds aren’t clearly represented in terms of their location. (Occlusion is functioning correctly.)

Is there a way in the engine to better represent vertically positioned sounds?

Thank you.


Can you post a video or link to a video that allows me/us to hear and see what is going on? Sounds is VERY subjective.

I’m sorry, but I can’t show you the video because the game is currently under development.

Let me explain the current situation: When the listener is on the first floor and footsteps are played from the second floor or basement, there is a slight frequency change through occlusion, but it doesn’t have a significant effect. Therefore, in actual gameplay situations, it’s not clear that the sounds are coming from a different floor.


I just dealt with a reticent user moments ago. My frustration isn’t meant to be directed at you.

I KNOW this all seems obvious to you, but it doesn’t to me, and most likely others. You can record the video in WIREFRAME or UNLIT view if it makes you feel better, but unless I can hear it and see what’s going on, I, personally, can’t help you; it would take too long to extract all the information out of you that I’d need.

It’s like describing color to someone color-blind, or 4 physical dimensions to a 3 dimensional being.

If you decide not to post the video, I hope someone else can help you.