Is there a way I can get my .uproject file back after I have packaged the project?

I just finished making a prototype of my project and had it packaged to run as .exe
This I uploaded on my drive so I can demo it to my clients when needed.

But it never occurred to me to save a copy of the whole .uproject on the drive >_<
Now that I am at my client’s place and he has requested some changes, I was just wondering if there is anyway you can extract a copy of the .uproject from the content package.
Will appreciate a quick reply :slight_smile:

  • I ran the unpack command on my .pak file and everything was extracted properly to a directory along with a .uproject file. But when I tried to launch this, UE4 editor loads up to 45% and crashes out every time. Is there a solution to this? ( Doesn’t show any error code, no debugging symbol found )

UE4 version : 4.14 ( on both my Desktop and my Laptop )

nope, there is no way to do that

And for good reason, imagine you shipped your game and people were just able to backwards engineer all your uasset files and would be able to completely replicate the original source project so they tinker with it, mod it, maybe even resell a modified version.

Hmmm, That does make sense, perhaps UE4 can ship the next version with an encryption key or something which might come in handy in situations like mine.
Thanks for the help.