Is there a way I can export the movie seen in the viewport and not via game mode.


I hope that titles made sense. My issue is that my exported movie from sequencer is completely different from what is in my viewport in sequencer. The camera is all over the place and my character is bouncing up and down. I figured it had to do with the collisions on my objects so i fixed them the best I could but my character is still all over the place every time it transitions from one collision to another. Even if the two objects have the same exact height on the collision. Another issue I have is that my camera is at a completely different height then in the sequencer viewport. Since it is tracking my character I imagine is purely reacting to the erratic character behavior. I can spend days trying to figure out all of these little errors but so far its not gone well. My questions is, can we export the CineCamera without having to ‘Play’ the game and have all of those issues pop up? I’ve manually set my characters transform through the movie so it does exactly what I want. I don’t need collisions at all. It has no reason to ‘Play’ the game…

I’m hoping this is possible. Please let me know if I can provide any particular screenshots.

you may not have set your camera cuts properly
the cut track should point to a camera that is in the sequencer

sounds like there’s no camera to be found in the sequencer track, so it renders something else