Is there a way for developing standalone editor?

I wonder there is some way for providing editing functions in packaged standalone game.
WITH_EDITOR macro makes me many troubles!!

  1. undo/redo
  2. save level
  3. UI like unreal engine editor : dockable panel, detail panel and so on

Thank you!

Dear valued Unreal Engine user,

I believe parts of the EULA can make it difficult to distribute a game with the WITH_EDITOR macro anyway, so you may have to redesign most of the systems yourself. This should definitely be possible, though quite a bit of work.

Saving the placement of objects in a level should be possible, please find this guide for saving/loading:

You would need to iterate though the placeable objects in the scene and save/load their translation, type and other parameters. You could start with a simple spawn button that would spawn objects randomly, spawn a few objects then test save/load. Then move on to adding selecting objects and moving them around the scene.

For undo/redo, you could store an array of changes on the player state or game state. A change would have an action parameter such as “Add/Remove/Modify”, then a reference to the object type or specific object in the scene, as well as a reference to the uproperty that changed with the before and after value. When you pop or push the undo/redo stack you could use the reflection system to update the property of the object.

It should be possible to create any kind of UI you need and attach this to the viewport as normal.

Thank you for your continued support,

Thank you so much!