Is there a vertical scrollbar for sequencer when using metahumans to get a specific control?


I’m using Metahumans and Sequencer and i’m trying to animate a short sequence.
But i’m finding it’s taking a long time to do because i’m finding selecting and changing joint controls is quite tricky.
After adding a metahuman as a track I don’t think there is a vertical scrollbar to quickly scroll up and down through all the joints.
You can scroll up and down but it’s not with a scroll bar and it seems more difficult than it should be…or I just don’t know how to do it properly.

If anyone has better ideas on how to animate in sequencer - that’d be coo.


you should be able to type for filter, as well maybe use the picker for controls?

Are you using the control rig and the metahuman Utility Widget that shows the full body to select joints (in the metahuman common folder)?