Is there a tutorial to use Unreal?

New to Unreal. any tutorials on getting started ?

I recommend that you take a look at the Unreal Engine channel on youtube where they have a variety of high quality tutorials covering most of the basics as well as some more advanced uses of the engine.

A playlist of their tutorials: - YouTube

Once you get the basics down, then you’re better off looking for tutorials on more specific issues. Again, youtube is a good place, and the Unreal team often host livestream sessions where they cover a topic in depth, such as this one: Using Splines & Spline Components | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

There is quite a lot to the engine, and it WILL confound and annoy you at times when you can’t find a hidden checkbox or drop down, or something doesn’t work quite the way you expect, so I urge you to push through any moments like this.
Folk on the answer hub and the forum are usually quite helpful, so feel free to ask when you get stuck, as I have many times!

If you have a more specific question now to get you started, then I’m happy to oblige. ^^

I also reccomend to PLAY a lot alongside following video tutorials. Create basic projects including starter content, play a lot around the editor, drag&drop items, assign materials, etc… Once you get the basics, start moving up :wink:

I agree. One needs to mess around with the editor before attempting to tackle any significant challenges. There’s a whole heap to take in, and it takes a long time to learn the engine!