Is there a tutorial or documentation for GUI Blueprints?

Is there a tutorial or documentation for GUI Blueprints?

Not yet, but it’s on our roadmap. There should be a map in the content examples that shows a HUD made in Blueprints though.

Thanks for the the reply:-)

If you mean the Blueprint_HUD example, that still seems to use C++ for declaring the actual HUD classes. I can’t find a blueprint defining the menu anywhere, for example, just the blueprint that calls the Toggle Menu function, that in turn is uneditable and seems defined in C++.

0_o What are you talking about? It’s all in HUD Blueprint

Then I just don’t know how to find it.
The button M is mapped from the character input to the function Toggle Menu on the HUD blueprint instance (BPI_HUD_Interface_Events.)
When I double-click the function Toggle Menu in that blueprint, I just see a greyed-out node with pink title, saying “Toggle Menu.”
I can’t see any control flow, or what it’s doing to toggle the menu visible/invisible.

I guess I was confused because I was looking at the interface blueprint, as in, “class interface definition” not as in “user interface”…
You are right: The BP_HUD_Example does indeed contain the events that draw the buttons and health bar and stuff, implementing the BPI interface.