Is there a trick to visualize hitboxes in order to help setting them up?


I basically try to setup a blueprint so that at the time a character hits, depending on the distance between his hand and the player, the player gets hit.

The distance calculation is the following (probably not the simplest way to do it but it works) :

What I basically do from then is compare this value to an arbitrary value and try it out. I guess approximately where the hitbox limit seems to be, and adjust it. It is very unpractical as I cannot see the actual “hitbox”. What trick could I use to visualise that arbitrary distance around the socket at the time of the hit (a sphere of radius 2300 around the socket FX_hand_r of Self->Mesh in this example) ? Is there a proper way to do it ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

Oh well, I literally just posted and I found “Draw Debug Sphere” that seems to match my description. I’ll try it out right now.

Draw Debug Sphere is the node I was looking for, it does the work just fine.


I feel a bit stupid for this question but I’ll leave it up if someone asks google the same question as I did.