Is there a tool/widget in Unreal Engine 4 that will convert real world measurements into UU?

Probably a simple fix, but I am very new to UE4… For instance, if I have a measurement in inches, feet, etc.; is there an in editor tool or widget that will convert these measurements for me? I understand that 1 unreal unit = 1 cm, and I also understand that I could just tab out and google search for a CM to IN. widget in the google homepage, but I am a lazy American using the inferior Imperial system of measurements.

What I want to be able to do is just punch in an Imperial unit (inches, feet, miles, etc.) and have the centimeter/Unreal Unit equivalent displayed on screen, without having to continually tab out of UE4.

Yeah, I get what you are saying. It’s just weird there isn’t a plugin or tool for it yet. I’ve mainly been using inches, so I guess i’ll just use the inches to cm conversion factor.

I’ve been using Unreal Editor for quite a while and I’ve never seen this, but it may exist.

In Unreal Ed. you should be able to do simple multiplication or division inside of a property field (the field where you are trying to enter your foot, inch, etc. mesurement). Therefore, one helpful shortcut may be to keep a notecard/sticky note near you with the conversion factors. (EXAMPLE: 1 cm == 1uu == 0.0328084ft) and then just enter in the box [ DesiredFeet / factor(0.0328084 in this case)]. This should convert your desired measurement to centimeters (ie. unreal units).

Hope I explained that clearly enough.

EDIT: I’ll keep looking around for this, but you may also look for a plugin to do this.