Is there a tool to convert Maya (.MTL) scenes into a full .FBX file including UVs?

Im looking for a tool that can convert Maya (.MTL) scenes into a .FBX file. Is there a tool like this somewhere? I only have MayaLT, so I cant export objects that goes highter than 100.000 polycounts and Im working with high-detail models. I dont want to switch software, so I hope there is a tool that can do this. I have looked at 3D Object Converter (3D Object Converter), but I dont see .FBX anywhere. Does Blender have a extension that makes it possible to open Maya scenes in Blender?

Nobody that knows anything?

Maya makes MB and MA scenes, isn’t MTL the material file that goes with an OBJ?

Edit oh I see mayaLT, I guess makes MTL. Get Maya educational version.

Ah, yes I missunderstood that. I thought MTL was the Maya scene. But I hope there is a tool out there that can convert Maya scenes to .FBX. I dont want to use the student-version of Maya, as I loose my work after 3 years.

yeah looks like only Maya LT can open the .mtl file not Maya full version. Create, open, or save a scene file | Maya LT 2016 | Autodesk Knowledge Network
“Your .mlt scene files cannot be read by any other application.”
but you can break up the FBX models to be smaller and combine them in something else? Seems like you’re kinda stuck in LT land.

The student-files is locked to the student-versions of Autodesk`s software and cannot be used in the full version of their softwares. Yes, I do like to own the things I create and the LT licence of Maya is a full commercial licence. Sure, I could do that :slight_smile: I know the LT version is ment for game-content greation, but I like to do hight details models as well.

The student file is not locked, just has a notification that the file was make with student version. Export FBX in sub 100k pieces, import into Maya student version, merge it back together and export fbx. This will work but that FBX would technically then be for non-commercial use. Or get the trial version of the full Maya free for 30 days.