Is there a tool to automatically remove unused assets?

Well i must admit i was new to UE4 and I didn’t know that compiling would include all assets - even the ones that are not used.

I’ve always thrown complete asset folders into my project and picked a few i could use. In the end i had a few gigabyte unused assets in the folder - which didn’t bother me much until i cooked the project the first time…

So is there a tool/script/plugin/whatever to remove unused assets?

…if i read correctly, specific tools will be added in 4.15 :slight_smile:

i hope so , i like that too :slight_smile:

A trick I use to scrub the project level is under Window > Levels you can select the Persistent level and migrate it to a blank project. This process will “only” migrate active assets being used in the project environment.

Yes :slight_smile: i was planning to do that too .

Any news about this? It’s already 4.16

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So, how to remove unused assets in 2022/UE5?