Is there a template main menu scene with options for resolution and quality settings?

Hi there just wondering if there is a template main menu scene?

With options for setting available resolutions, quality and is easily adaptable e.g. uses blueprints for button options?

e.g. Supported Screen Resolutions / Full Screen / Windowed mode.

Or a tutorial would do?

I dont think that there is a menu that you can download on the internet, but it’s pretty easy. Just follow this tutorial ( and change the parameters with a execute console command node (

So basically you just need some buttons which will execute a console command :slight_smile:

Yep got that but what I am after really is the options sub-menu.

Available screen resolutions
available/supported quality settings
full screen/windowed

  • You can create such a menu with UMG -> UMG multi-pages (sub menus) menu - UE4 AnswerHub
  • the console command r.setRes 1920x1080
  • either you let the player decide which settings he wants (e.g quality of materials, view distance,…) or you just create a button which is connected with several console commands which will set the quality to medium/low/… (just use the console commands from the documentation site that I posted)

Is there a way to obtain device compatible resolutions and quality settings?

You have to use c++ to enumerate to display resolutions, the store those resolutions into an array.

You can get Rama’s plugin from:!

His plugin has a ‘get screen adapter resolutions’ blueprint node and a picture somewhere in that thread on how to use it.

Just be sure to mention him somewhere in your game if you end up using his code :wink: