Is there a template for ART tools that works without error with the standard animations in UE4?

Hello, after alot of trying and kinda failing with getting a character rigged with ART tools to work with the example animations, i am reaching out for help.

When i import the skelleton mesh into UE4 and i want to use the Manequin skelleton to use animations already in the engine, i get an error, the error tells me i am missing bones or changed hiarchy, I tried to use the “Standard Template” in Tools and creating my own skelleton, but i am still getting this error. Is there a template that works i can download? Or am i messing up somwhere in the process?

Hey, im not sure if I understand what you want correctly, but if you want to use the rigged skeleton of the mannequin you can find it among the files that come with the art tool. Do you have the pluggin installed in maya? If you do, go to the A.R.T.1.0 tab > add character for animation, select mannequin and click “add”, if you have everything set up correctly it should just load the rigged mannequin, If not it will tell you It cant find the mesh, if that happens you just click browse and find the file “mannequin_export” in this location \ARTv1\MayaTools\General\ART\Projects\Sample\ExportFiles (wherever you have the ARTv1 folder).

Thanks but my problem is when ive created my own char in Maya, and rigging it with the Art tools, I thought i could use the animations already in the engine with this new char if I used the Art Tools to rig, so the bones had the right names and hiarcy.

But after using ART to rig, i still cant use the animations, and i followed a guide created by Epic (i think), that said i could import the char and use the skelleton of the manequin if it was rigged with the same bones etc, but when i try, i get all kinds of error messages.

So to coock down my problem, what kind of settings in the ART tool do i gotha use for my custom char to use the standard animations?

Found my sollution, so if anyone in the future have the same quoustion, just go to art tools in Maya, chose “Edit Existing Rig”, chose the Manequin, go to the skelleton creation stage, press “Save as Template”. Now you can use this skelleton build on your own rigs by just using that template, and every animation comming with Ue4 is usable with your new char (When you import to Ue4 just press the “Use existing skelleton” and use the manequin skelleton.

Hey thank you for the post! Its a shame as your suggestion does not work now. I get an error saying
" line 11741: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘Nothing counted : no polygonal object is selected.’ # "
after I click the go to skeleton creation stage.

I am researching further, I can currently load existing character as a mannequin, but I would like to know how to use the mannequin as a base rig so I can build into this (a fast sollution to my characters and also a sollution that can be used with other existing animations).

I don’t understand why Epic don’t have this version of Art fully functional, surely this is an official product?
How do they expect developers to merge into their systems if it has problems or is not user friendly.

If anyone can help or shed more info on this, that would be great, I am running maya 2020.2,

Thank you,

I take some of this back, this is a very powerful tool, I’m getting a few errors, but it seems to be doing the job and after looking at the tutorials a lot of the functionality is starting to make sense. I will report back, Though I do get errors from missing build scripts and such. I am yet to encounter the annoying cannot save as a .ma file yet. Though I believe there is code that was posted to allow this to happen.