Is there a SVN GUI thats easy to use?

I am rather new to the whole SVN, I’ve used Tortise SVN before, but nothing along the lines of Perforce or Subversion.
Basically, I’m looking to set this up to where any updates from a team members client will upload/download to the others after checking in the assets.

I had perforce installed and working sorta, I was able to connect to it from local, but a team member in EU could not, not even with my login credentials to Perforce.

So If there is a video tutorial or a good thorough guide on setting one up properly, it would be much appreciated. I have searched Google for UE4 SVN setup, but the suggestions made were not effective or detailed enough to guide me.

Hi TheOneWolf,

You can find tutorials for Perforce located here: Hopefully this will help you to set up your SVN.