Is there a student version of UE4 available?

I am wondering if there will be an alternative pricing model for students. I am an architecture student who currently uses UDK for making models of buildings I design. I also play around with game development occasionally. I am wondering if there will be a version of UE4 that doesn’t require a monthly sub. As a college student, $20 a month is more than I can spare… but I would really like to try out UE4 as it looks amazing. Perhaps you have plans for a demo version in the future?

I am in a similar situation. From what I can tell, you can cancel your subscription anytime and continue to use UE4. The only drawback is you cannot download new versions of UE4. So you can pay the initial $20 and use that version forever.

Hi DarkCell,

We do allow educational institutions to pay for a seat and allow access to all of their students. Please discuss this with your school.

What provisions does the Unreal Engine 4 End User License Agreement (EULA) make for educational use?

All academic institutions are permitted to sign up for a subscription. You can install the Unreal Engine on all of your computers and allow all users, such as students working on those computers, to use the engine.

If a student wants to install Unreal Engine 4 on a personal laptop, or to release a product developed on an academic computer, he or she must sign up for a subscription.

What perks are there for schools and educational institutions?

We allow all Unreal Engine 4 users who sign up to install the engine on multiple machines. Schools have our permission to pay for one seat and ‘flash’ or image Unreal Engine 4 to multiple machines across labs, and access C++ source code via GitHub. No lab fees!

Hi DarkCell,

There are currently no alternative pricing model for students directly. However - if you’re tight on cash, you can just make a single payment of $19, and keep everything you download and use forever. If you want to get any updates a few months down the road, just pay another $19 and you’ll have all the latest stuff!

In the mean time, everything will continue to work.