Is there a standard way to handle twist joints?

I have been catching up with using the ART tools and I am new to painting skin weights. I noticed on the basic “dummy” character, the twist joints hold skin data for a single sphere object, hidden inside of the ball of the foot and nothing else. Is that the standard way to handle these sorts of joints? Or, should I be painting weights for the twist joints on to the portion of the mesh?


Hey there!

Sorry if those spheres are causing confusion. Basically, if you’re not using your own mesh, it just creates spheres for any extra joints (you get the option when going to deformation phase to skin the mannequin. This is where that will happen).
When you have a final model though, those spheres won’t be there and you’ll weight include them in your smooth bind.

here’s a quick demo video showing how I go about weighing the arm:

Thanks for the awesome video, Jeremy. I understand now. :smiley:

I know skin weighting is quite tedious and often different from character to character but do you have a recommendation as to learning the subtleties of the process? Possibly towards humanoids.

I’ve been wanting to do a video tutorial on that for quite some time. I’ll see if I can get permission to use one of our Fortnite characters and go through that process :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

That would be incredibly helpful. Fingers crossed.

A video tutorial on skinning would be really really appreciated here as well ! I am commenting since the answer wasn’t marked as closed anyways :slight_smile:

Hello Jeremy is there any updates on the topic, any videotut on youtube about that twistjoint skinning topic?