Is there a standalone dev kit?

Just wondering if there is any standalone, offline version of the dev kit. It’s probably the only way I’d get any kind of free time to mod if I can do it offline from work.

Once the kit is downloaded you don’t need to be online to use it. In fact you can close the epic launcher entirely once you launch the dev kit environment. Short answer, it already is standalone.

Not really. I need one I can bring in to work and install without the internet.

Best bet there would probably be to install on a PC at home, then take it to work on a USB, or external drive, whichever takes your fancy. At minimum you’d need a 64GB USB as the DevKit unpacks to about 56GB’s or so.

And yes, the ADK is a standalone DevKit technically. Once it’s installed, the DevKit is entirely self-containted. The only time Internet is needed is when uploading cooked mods.

I, myself, downloaded the ADK through steam then get my updates to it direct from the GitHub repository.