Is there a size limit for NVCloth in UE4?

I guess question could be for either ‘size’ types:

  1. file size - is there a limit of triangles, vertices, texture, etc on NVcloth?
    I am bringing in different mesh-resolution sizes of the same object and the larger sizes don’t even get processed when I request that a cloth be created on this selected mesh part, it goes into a processing mode, but nothing gets created. On the smaller mesh-resolution sizes, a cloth entry is created, and I can apply cloth settings. Just weird, there’s no warning or message when it doesn’t get created for the larger mesh-resolutions, it just does nothing.

  2. geometric size - Is there any size range limit, like could you do a whole ocean-sized cloth, or just mini-cloths, you know?

THX to anyone who knows!

EPIC - community does not know, does anyone in EPIC know?

  1. YES

  2. NO