Is there a rotation curve like the ones for X,Y, and Z curves?

I have used the x y and z curves in the timeline but I want to rotate a mess. Is there a rotation curve like the x y and z curves or is there an action for this. I would like to know because I want to create a normal door that works like the ones on hinges.


Try taking a look at the Content Examples and the Blueprints_Advanced Level. Under section 2.4 there is a great example of a door on hinges Blueprint which uses a Timeline and parts of the following network for handling how the door functions:

Hope this turns you in the right direction! :slight_smile:


Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

hey there, seem like all i am doing is asking follow up questions :slight_smile:

This works totally fine, i got the same build up, once you press E the animation plays - the door opens. But I cant seem to figure out how to make my door behave real. by that i mean: Now that it swings open it stays that way, but i want it to close once i press E once more, how do i make the whole thing play over and over and over again… open / close / open / close etc.?

I got the same blueprint as the picture shows (- the direction since i only want it to open one way)

Just to clarify: I dont want the door to automaticly close I want it to close only when the use key is pressed again.

cheers in advance!

Hey KaiserJohannes,

As a starting point, you could look at using a setup that incorporates a FlipFlop node:


The way the FlipFlop node works is that it alternates the A and B outputs each time it is activated, starting with the A output. So the E keypress activates the node and would swap between playing your timeline forward (open door) and reverse (close door).

Hope that helps!


:confused: doesnt seem to work… as far as i can see it fires correctly setting the swing open in play and play in reverse but the doors location doesnt get updated does it? it still stays open and wont ever change its position again, also if you press the use key/ e twice it jumps to the new location and skips the animation

I was trying to solve the same thing here and came across the same issues, not sure if you managed to fix it, but I’ve got a working solution for anyone trying to find it.

Essentially, you need to use the Flip Flop to set the Open Direction variable (i.e. either on or off… don’t forget to tick the box in one and leave it unticked in the other). You also need to plug both into the play or play from start (as essentially the timeline always fires in the same direction between 0 and 1, it is the Open Direction variable that determines which way it goes, not the timeline).

The other thing to note is that your close position will probably need to be set to 0 in the select float as that is the starting position (not -90 like in the first picture shows as that would be 90 degrees in the opposite direction to your starting position).