Is there a "reverse branch" node that works kind of like Select?

I’m looking for a type of node that basically does the opposite of Branch–basically it has two execution inputs, one execution output, two wildcard inputs, and one wildcard output of the same type. When it is executed through exec input A, it returns the value given in wildcard input A, and same with B. Perhaps you could also add more inputs if you want. If the wildcard inputs are true and false, it would basically be an exact opposite of the Branch node.

Does such a node exist? I looked in Utility>Flow Control and couldn’t find anything that looks like what I want.

EDIT: Basically I’m looking for something that would serve the purpose of this macro, only that will work for any type without having to create multiple macros. I know macros can have wildcard inputs/outputs, but that wouldn’t work in this case because (to my knowledge) local variables can’t be wildcards. Plus I’d rather not use a macro if there’s a built-in function that serves the same purpose.


As I am fairly sure there is no such thing, I think this might work for what you want…

But wouldn’t that then only execute once? And why couldn’t you just wire the execution directly to the next node instead of through the DoOnce?

You can reset it with the reset exec after you do whatever logic you need to do against the output. The DoOnce just stops any further execution output until your done with working with the result. Perhaps I am completly missing what you want. If it is a True/False you are looking for, that can only have 2 inputs. And to do that you just crate a bol variable and set that to the output instead of some refernce like I have and lose the event inputs.

Something like this could work as well. but it’s little in the way of flow control or multi-input.

I would love to see something exactly like this. Having a Local Wildcard in macros would allow this to be easily done.

Here is your solution. It took me a little bit of time to figure it out, but then I saw a video with someone using a selector and it all clicked. In order to get the checkboxes in the “Assign” nodes, drag a line from the Local Bool and then type “assign” in the context sensitive space.

You could also do a similar thing with more inputs and use a selector by int.

Wow, I hadn’t thought of using Select. It’s surprising this even needs a macro though. Thanks!

Agreed. I’d really like this to be a standard flow control node with an “Add pins” option