Is there a resource stack mod tutorial?

i want to make myown resource stack mod, but i have no clue how or where to start. im fresh off the street with this mod. i have to learn this becuase those resource mod on the workshop are too high its op.
any1 can give a link or do teach me?

That would interest me too

I am new to modding too. I think it’s more than fair to say that the information available is either buried deep or non existent.

I have managed to learn the little I have by digging through the googles to find a reply buried in a topic on a forum somewhere that gives me a clue, or searchable term relevant to the Ark dev kit. By playing around inside the dev kit and seeing what options I can find. And lastly by downloading a mod that does something similar to what I’m trying to achieve, then trying to open it up inside the dev kit and trying see how they did it. For me that last option has been 50/50 hit and miss, most of the time the dev kit just crashes. Not even sure you are supposed to be able to do that. I found no official or non official answer on how to import an existing mod into the dev kit so I’d imagine not.

Stack mods are pretty limited in what they can do and what bugs they can conquer, it’s just the nature of it. That might be attributed to the fact that this is how a stack mod is created:

PrimalGameData -> Remap Items -> Wood -> Modded Wood

And there you have it. Cook it, upload it, and go test it out (unless you can handle running a submap from a real map in your dev kit, those have trees)

If I eg. Raw prime meat on 50 stacks, I can not get the meat anymore. In the grill

It’s a little more complicated than that, but you have the essential idea. You need to do the following to stack an item in such a way as it will interact correctly:

  1. Make a Child copy of the PrimalItemResource engram and rename it - e.g. PrimalItemResource_Wood -> PrimalItemResource_WoodStack
  2. In PrimalGameData_BP add a RemapItems entry to remap the Parent resource to the Child resource.
  3. In the ChildResource change the Base Item Weight (if you want) and the Max Item Quantity to whatever amount you want it to stack too.

This will work and the items will stack. However, you’ll find that you can’t make, for instance SparkPowder from the new resources. To overcome this, in the Child Resource, change the ‘Give Item When Used’ to the parent resource. This way when you make Spark Powder for instance the Mortar and Pestle will take the new resources, and they will automatically be replaced with the acceptable resources (i.e. the parent resource).

UPDATE: Even with the additions in the above paragraph, the Mortar and Pestle will only create vanilla spark powder which is not what we want! This will apply to any crafting station.
**When I find the answer to this I’ll post the solution.

I’ve got a fully functioning stack mod, I’ve spent lots of time working out kinks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If no one beats me to it, I’ll take a look at fertilizer tomorrow

That would be great if you could Huston850, thanks to you my modding is improving.

On top of the fertilizer problem, I’ve hit another stumbling block. I can get the mortar and pestle to make spark powder with my stacked resources, but I get back vanilla spark powder that (of course) doesn’t stack.

I’ve noticed that the sanctuary stacking mod (even though it has the fertilizer problem) creates the correct manufactured resources like spark powder, ingots and etc. When the mortar and pestle are creating (for instance) spark powder, the created resource seems to be periodically converted within the mortar and pestle from the vanilla spark powder to the modified spark powder, as if there is a periodic macro running that does the conversion.

Anyone have any idea how to do that?

I can stack “RawMeat_Fish” and “RawPrimeMeat_Fish” but do not cook

I had to go as far as replacing cooking structures and replacing the default inventories with children. But it could just be that you need to change the requirements for the cooked meat to use your raw meat child

It is synonymous with the Ark Advance 10 mod and vanilla things like the grill, campfire etc. and the Ark Advance 10 I can not change since he does not belong to me.

With “Raw Meat” and “Raw Prime Meat” everything works.

And if I am the parents at “Raw Meat Fish” and “Raw PrimeMeat_Fish”, I would have to change a lot in the BP, which it will again Fishmeat.

Do not know how to make fishmeat and fish primemeat stackable and cookable?

I made a new campfire/grill and in those inventories set the default inventory to cookedfish_child and cookedprimefish_child, then I replaced the original engrams (remap engrams) with my modded ones so when you learn the campfire at level 2, it makes my campfire which supports fish

That I could make synonymous, but I will not, because the meat also in other grills or else what the mods come to be usable.
And mods which are not of me, I unfortunately can not change.

I understand now. Your mod replaces “PrimalItemConsumable_CookedFish” if another mod make this fish, it has to be the base class. It might not function properly in the structure, but it should work once it’s removed from the structure. If their mod has their campfire cooking THEIR “PrimalItemConsumable_CookedFish_CHILD”, you can’t do anything about it. The only way you could get that to work is to find the path for their resource and have your primal game data use “Remap Items: their CookedFish_Child -> your CookedFish_Child”

Hope this makes sense!

Sorry for the necro
But i cant get sparkpowder…so on to craft. I tried the way you guys said but it just gave me unlimited items. Do i need to change the engrams to craft it.

Remap the engrams to your engrams, which craft your resources. I’m curious as to what you mean by unlimited items.

lol i just found that and i have it working
lets say if you cook meat child and set it to Give Item When Used’ to the parent resource you can eat it over and over

I suppose that’s the problem, eating meat isn’t supposed to give you anything… Hence “consumable”

charcoal will only stack to one. Not the 500 I set them to. If you take it out and then you can stack them to the 500 np. does any one know why this is?