Is there a quick way to perfectly match T pose skeleton to UE5's standard A pose when Retargeting?

Hi there.
When use ue5’s new retarget tool to copy animation,I find it’s hard and time-consuming to adjust my T-pose character’s skeleton to match original ue standard skeleton ( especially the fingers bone)
Wondering is there a quick way or tool that I can match two skeleton perfectly.

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Hey @lezard1999!

I’m not sure about matching perfectly, (especially those pesky fingers) but there is a built in “Modify Pose” you can use in the “Retarget Sources” tab in your skeleton. From there you would rotate/lower your arms downward 50 degrees, and that would match up with the Epic standard, and select “Use current pose”.

Here is the documentation (follow Manage Retarget Bone base near the bottom which shows how to quickly correct T-Pose bones) and a reference screenshot to show the location of the button you are looking for:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Retarget Manager

I hope the above solution is what you are looking for!

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Well,instead the old Retarget Manager,UE5 use a new method called IK Retarget (which I’m using now) to retarget animation.This method requests both origin and target skeleton to create responding IK Rig asset.(UE5’S new retargeting solution
The IK Retarget editor window do have edit pose option,where I can adjust target skeleton to match base skeleton just like the old way,but as I mentioned before, to precisely match up different skeleton type is very time-consuming and the result are not so that precisely (especially the finger part).
So if there has a tool to quickly match up base and target skeleton in IK Retargeter editor window that will be very helpful.

Hey @lezard1999,

If you are using the IK rigging system instead, I have a possible other solution for you that is just as easy! Check out this non-Epic affiliated video on a quick fix for adjusting the arms for an IK skeleton pose:

Animation Retargeting in UE5 | New IK Rig Retargeting System (Tutorial)

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your kindly reply!
And this metod the video showing is what I am using now , as I mentiond before adjust target skeleton to match with base skeleton may be very time-consuming.(If you pay attention at the arm part and hand part you will notice they are not matched so well because UE5’s standard model’s arm has a littel rotation between upper arm and lower arm which mixamo’s model dont have,even more, the arc of the finger part have more difference, which is more obvious when retargeting hand movements - such as holding a gun.
So in order to solve this problem, I think it is necessary to rely on a plugin that can perfectly match the target skeleton to the base skeleton. Hand adjusting are just time-consuming and result would be often unsatisfactory

Motion capture or animation rigs are in T Pose most of the time.
So your source skeleton is in T pose, your target skeleton has to be in T pose as well.
It’is hard to match A Pose skeleton. You can refer to this tutorial to get a better idea on retargeting

Metahuman T Pose Asset for UE5.1 - YouTube


For a perfect pose matching, you can try this: Easy Pose in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
The plugin UI has only one button and the result is perfect